Access Control

Take Control of your Business or Property

Simplify access management with on-demand control

Multiple sites, one dashboard

  • Manage multiple locations from a single login.
  • Maintain individual accounts per site.
  • Operator privileges are fully customizable.
  • Designed with device-friendliness in mind.

With a Access Control System from Complete Technology, you can prevent a crime before it starts by keeping unauthorized people out. Would you rather have a video of the crime or would you rather stop it from happening? It’s like having a security guard that never gets bored or falls asleep on the job and doesn’t require a monthly paycheck.

Benefits Of Access Control

Our solutions are highly scalable and can help you keep track of tenants, employees, and more; all on one interface.

  • Manage and Monitor multiple sites from anywhere using a single dashboard
  • Keep an eye on who is coming and going from your building, wherever you are in real time.
  • Provide audit trailes for security investigations
  • See detailed information about Events
  • Abilty to lock-down building with one click of the mouse
  • Eliminate keys and problems associated with them
  • Appeal to tech-savvy millennials

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